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One Night With a Rock Star (Book 1 in the ONWARS series)

One Night With a Rock Star (Book 1 in the ONWARS series)

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It's Anne of Green Gables Meets Rattle & Hum. Worlds collide.

Debuted as #1 Inspirational Romance Hot New Release.
Hit #1 in 10 Bestseller Categories.
Amazon Top-Rated in Classics & Allegories.

When Esther was a young teen with frizzy hair, braces and too-skinny legs, Sky's music soothed her through awkwardness and pain. During the Glam-Rock 80s, Esther is a college journalism student and fledgling print model. One chance meeting with her superstar crush rocks both their worlds.

Will Esther's deep roots in family and faith keep her feet on the ground when a tornado named Sky blows her world apart?

One Night With a Rock Star is a rich, satisfying tale filled with multi-dimensional, lovable characters, sigh-worthy romance and a tale that will carve itself onto your soul. This coming-of-age saga will delight teen, young adult, college, new adult & adult audiences alike with homespun humor, dazzling celebrity, and a heart-wrenching tale that transports the reader from the wide open spaces of Texas, to the castle-dotted Scottish highlands.

Explores themes of spirituality, modern morality, relationship with God versus religion, how to aim for vibrant, lifelong love and how one can "have it all" yet still long for meaning and purpose in life.

While the tale includes sexy situations, it is not gratuitous. Appropriate for and enjoyed by young teens and young-at-heart of all ages. Includes a guide for individual and group study regarding important life choices, vital relationship with God and investing in long-term, healthy, romantic love that gets better with time.

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