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About Bible Jewelry: How a non-craftsy author got obsessed with beads

Christmas 2014 I enjoyed making Jesus Bracelets for my friends and family. One morning while praying, I was sad I couldn't make one of the bracelets for a dear Jewish friend. God whispered very clearly to my heart, "It's the same story."

I mentally went through the beads and story in my mind but ended up stuck on the cross. How could the cross fit into the old Testament narrative of Joseph and the Hebrew nation?

With another God-nudge, the cross tilted onto its side. Ah. The Roman numeral X to represent the ten plagues! It all fit. Twice through the beads gave the entire Bible overview, Old AND New Testaments!The Bible Jewelry story--It's all about God's LOVE!

Thus Bible Jewelry was born. I wanted to teach others how to assemble their own Bible Jewelry since the best way to learn the run-through is to piece it together for yourself. However, when I would post photos of my creations, I'd get flooded with comments like, "How much?" and "Where can I buy this?"

In the books I write and now through Bible Jewelry, my aim is to open minds and hearts to God's passionate love--for all creation and for each of us, His children.

Every time I assemble a piece of Bible Jewelry or share the story, I revel once more in the beautiful symmetry of Yahweh's plan of salvation.

Bible Jewelry is a God gift: beautiful, simple, fun tools to help tell the greatest love story ever.

Chana is wife of one, mom of four and best selling author of four. She brakes for old barns, hot chocolate chip cookies, and any version of Pride & Prejudice. She dreams of touring New Zealand with her family... on horses... with Peter Jackson as their personal guide.

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