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Welcome to Bible Jewelry

Often, we peruse Old Testament stories and get more and more confused.

"Why would a loving God tell His people to wipe out whole cities and even people groups?"

"What was up with giants?"

"Why does it seem like God is in a bad mood throughout the Old Testament only to show up as Jesus and suddenly he's Mr. Nice Guy?"

Bible Jewelry may seem like simply pretty jewelry with a bunch of symbols. In reality, when we get a grasp on the WHYS of the Old Testament--that all God did was to make a way through enemies and indescribable evil to preserve the line of Messiah so ALL could have a way back to His love--the Bible begins to make sense. God truly IS a loving God and tenderhearted Father. The horrible price of our sin did not land on us, it landed on Jesus, the Messiah for ALL mankind.

Hi. I'm #1 Best Selling author Chana Keefer, creator of Bible Jewelry. Here you will find one-of-a-kind bead and charm creations that use symbolism to give an overview of the entire Bible--Old and New Testaments. These fun pieces are also a wonderful tool to bridge the gap between Judaism and Christianity since Bible Jewelry is a fun, engaging way to explain the reason for your faith in Christ. Sharing Bible Jewelry may even cause others to rethink their own view of biblical truth.

And never fear! Each purchase of Bible Jewelry comes with a handy Brochure to learn the Bible Story the beads and charms represent PLUS a business card to slip into your wallet to make sure you're ready to tell The Story wherever and whenever someone asks, "What does your jewelry mean?"

Bible Jewelry was simply too good not to share. So, enjoy the website, ask any questions you want and, please, share this site and your beautiful Bible Jewelry with friends and family.

Bible Jewelry: Beauty with a Purpose!